Connect With Your Pastor

This is a very important step on the pathway to pastoral ministry. Scripture shows us that God uses men already in ministry to identify qualities in those who will become pastors and to enlist them in ministry.

Paul did this for Timothy. He speaks of it in 1 Timothy 4:14 where he says to Timothy, Do not neglect the gift you have, which was given you by prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you. In 2 Timothy 1:6 he says something similar: For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.

The laying on of hands indicated recognition of God’s call on Timothy’s life. Paul along with other leaders in the church formally affirmed that call. They observed Timothy’s life, knew his character, and recognized qualities that enabled him to serve in ministry.

In the same way, church leaders today recognize and affirm God’s call on a man’s life and his readiness to serve in ministry. This is why it’s important for your pastor to know you and have a part in preparing you for ministry.

You might think your pastor is too busy with important work to take time with you. Most pastors will be thrilled if a young man wants to talk about going into ministry. Sure, he has a lot to do, but if you initiate getting together, he will most likely be glad to do it. In some church settings there are multiple pastors. You might feel comfortable connecting with a youth pastor or other assistant pastor.

A good place to start is just a conversation. Invite him to have coffee with you, your treat. Share with him your thoughts and questions about ministry. Ask him to pray for you and give you any advice he has. Let him know you are available to help in the church and you’d like to learn about ministry.

As you get more involved in the church, stay in touch with him. Update him periodically on how you are thinking about future ministry. Ask him questions about various situations you face. Invite him to point out areas in your character where you need to grow.

If God directs you farther along the pathway to pastoral ministry, this relationship will encourage you and help you along the way. There may be other pastors or ministry leaders you develop relationships with as well. Cultivate and maintain these connections. Continue to ask for prayer, seek input in your life, and update them on your progress.